Bosch 731CC Injector E85


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Genuine Bosch Fuel Injector 731cc EV14. 1/2 length 14mm o rings top and bottom with Sumitomo connector. 

Great for use with Power FC ECU's or tuned factory ECUs that may not be able to control a larger injector correctly.

Can be used as a direct fitment injector in a 1JZ-GTE VVTi engines with an 11mm top adaptor. Connector is same as factory wiring harness. Note: you will need to remove the bottom injector o ring retainer plate and fit a square o ring for this application.


- 731cc/min = 500g/min = 66lb/hr @ 3bar
- Single cone spray
- Standard body length
- Regular tip nozzle
- 12 ohm resistance
- Sumitomo connector
- E85 compatible