CA18 Crank Trigger Kit

CA18 Crank Trigger Kit

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This coil kit has been specifically designed as a direct drop-in replacement for the OEM Toyota coils that simply cannot handle increased power modification.

CA18 Crank Trigger Kit 

This CA Trigger kit has evolved, through research and development to offer precision ignition timing, for high powered and high RPM applications.

We have developed the bottom timing gear with trigger disc to be one piece, this disallows a screwed on crank trigger disc to ever come loose. This custom made gear will work with all and any balancer including Ross and OEM in ALL Rb series engines

The cherry hall effect magnetic proximity pickup timing gear tooth sensor is now the industry benchmark, the cam sensor bracket is light and simple and incorporates the use of a smaller more discreet cherry sensor, its all easy to get to, easy to adjust and the sensors (both top and bottom) can be adjusted and or replaced without the removal of any hardware including the harmonic balancer which is a never seen before feature.

This Kit Includes:

  •  PRP bottom timing gear with incorporated trigger disc, an added feature is 2 m6 tapped holes for ease of removal.
  •  Billet alloy bottom sensor mount
  •  ZF / Cherry sensors including the PRP evolved and first small black ZF sensor.
  •  3 Pin Deutsch plug set, dual wall heat shrink, and nylon Braid
  •  Bolt kit
  •  Billet trigger bracket sensor mount.
  •  Easy to assemble hardware with excellent support, we pride ourselves on being industry leaders with tech, warranty and support.