NITTO RB Crank Collar (STD/SINE)


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Most earlier RB series engines have the crankshafts with the narrow oil pump drive. This becomes a major problem when upgrading your oil pump to the commonly used wider gear type pumps as the contact area from the drive to the oil pump gear was minimal. This caused either the drive to wear out prematurely or excessive force to be applied onto a small area of the oil pump gear and cause eventual oil pump failure followed by major engine failure.

Nitto offers an affordable solution to this problem by designing a high tensile 709 series steel RB series crank collar with a full width contact area compatible with any replacement oil pump. This ensures the correct contact area needed to safely run your engine at high rpm and minimizing the possibility of premature oil pump failure due to a poor contact area. The collar also comes with M6 grub screws to lock the collar in.



  • Full Width Contact Area Ensures Increase Reliability
  • Durable 709 Series High Tensile Material
  • Works on All OEM Type RB Series Crankshafts
  • Compatible with All Replacement Oil Pumps