Platinum Racing Products - Nissan RB Twin Cam Street Series Trigger Kit

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Fits the following engines:

  • RB20 / RB25 / RBB25 NEO / RB26

Used as a direct replacement for Cam Angle Sensors, this "Street Series" Trigger kit replaces the factory CAS sensor found on a Nissan RB engine by utilizing twin Motec Hall Effect sensors which gives both a "crank and home" signal via the camshaft and comes in a 12 tooth and 24 tooth configuration. If you are looking for a bolt-in Trigger kit for your RB engine that you can do at home without removing the harmonic balancer, then this is it!

This kit is designed for applications UP TO 500whp, if you are looking for something with even more performance capability and don’t mind removing the harmonic balancer, we recommend checking out our other trigger kit options.

All of the above mentioned FULL trigger kits will help you gain extra horsepower as they are designed to overcome belt stretch under high load by placing a sensor at both the crankshaft AND the camshaft, however, these kits do require a bit of “know-how” to get them going.

PLEASE NOTE: when setting up PRP CAS replacement 'trigger kit on your aftermarket ECU, you will need to factor in that the CAS spins at half the engine speed, which means this will need to be configured as either a 6 Tooth Kit or 12 Tooth kit depending on which tooth profile you choose upon checkout.


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