RB Mech Fuel Pump Double CAS Bracket Complete Kit (Minus Fuel Pump)

Platinum Racing Products

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Complete Trigger Kit (Minus Fuel Pump)

This RB Trigger kit has evolved, through research and development to offer precision ignition timing, for high powered and high RPM applications.

The cherry hall effect magnetic pickup timing gear sensor is now the industry benchmark, the cam sensor bracket is light and simple and incorporates the use of a smaller more discreet cherry sensor.

With great power comes the need for dependable fuel delivery. PRP has designed a bracket utilizing the cam gear to hold a mechanical fuel pump. Kinsler, Weldon, Waterman, Enderlie will fit among others.

Design Features:

  • Billet alloy bracket.
  • Custom colours available upon request.
  • Bolt kit included.
  • Lifetime warranty on all Platinum Racing Products hardware.