SR20 Torque Plate

SR20 Torque Plate

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Our PRP torque plate is almost essential when boring / honing your block.

Made from 6061 billet alloy especially designed and profiled to replicate head tensional dynamics.

Its a fact that bores pull out if round when you torque your head down onto your block, more so if you run aftermarket bolts with more than OEM tension, you should be using a torque plate for boring AND honing, you should run the same bolt you wish to use in your build with the same tension, and the head gasket in between.

Once you finish machining you can pull the plate off and you may notice your bores are out of round, especially noticeable if you put a piston ring in it while setting ring gaps.

Once you build your engine and torque your head, its all perfectly shaped and you WILL notice less premature piston and bore wear and of course less blow by.

 You're buying PRP so you are buying confidence backed by hundreds of hours of design research and years of testing.